Buy Here Pay Here Greenville SC

BHPH Buy here pay here used car and truck financing is what we specialize in. We focus on helping people with bad credit or no credit in finding great used cars in greenville sc. We are a buy here pay here which means we have in house financing! We can help you get approved for a great used car, truck, or suv today! Another thing that sets us apart is our reporting. We report to the credit departments that you have purchased a car and you are making your payments on time, this helps you build your credit score! Our buy here pay here dealership in Greenville SC obviously has great cars but we also have extensive service contracts that most Buy Here Pay Here dealerships do not provide. We stand by our vehicles, the quality, and service. If you are looking for a Buy Here Pay here in Greenville, please give us a call today, we can get you in the right car, right now!

Ford, Dodge or Nissan Whose Used Truck Should You Buy?

Believe it or not, the US truck buyers are generally picky about the brands they buy when it comes to used pickup trucks. So, you are not alone if you are currently feeling inclined to one brand over the others simply because you like the muscular look that the automaker gave its trucks or the […]

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6 Crucial Driving Safety Tips in Rain

Every driver who has been out there, behind the wheels, being splashed by heavy rain, will know the troubles of driving when it is pouring down. Visibility reduces, traction becomes elusive, and your car tends to form a mind of its own, often taking you to places you don’t want to go. Naturally, accidents happen […]

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Common Myths Regarding BUY HERE PAY HERE Dealerships

In this day and age of “alternative facts” we must wade through the muck and get to the heart of things.  During tax season, people tend to be a little apprehensive when going to a BUY HERE PAY HERE dealership.  Will the investment of their tax dollars go […]

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Imagine: you’re driving/riding along the highway on your way to work. You look out the window and see a bunch of flags waving in the breeze. Those flags have the words “BUY HERE PAY HERE” printed on them. And you ask yourself, “What does that mean? Wouldn’t I normally buy there and pay there?” The answer is […]

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