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Family Auto of Greenville SC Difference / Stuff From The Lot

05 Dec

Buying A Pre-Owned Vehicle While Rebuilding Your Credit

Family Auto of Greenville – Blog
Week of September 15th, 2016

Tips for Car Shopping with Kids and Small Children
We’ve all been there – you can’t find a baby sitter, or your childcare plans changed at the last minute, and now you have tons of to-do items to check off your list, all with your little ones in tow. Or maybe instead of little ones, you have impatient older kids or teenagers accompanying you.
But what if one of your “to-do” items is a big one: Buying a family car? We have some great tips to help parents contain the craziness and clear their minds so they can make the right and smart decision for them and their loved ones!
For starters, safety always comes first. That means if you have any children using infant car seats, convertible car seats, or boosters, you should really plan on bringing those devices with you to the car lot so you can try them out in any vehicle you may be interested in. Car seats can take up a lot of room, and you want to make sure the vehicle you buy can comfortable accommodate your kids now and later.
Car shopping can be a lengthy process sometimes, so bring coloring books, crayons, tablets or games, or music your children enjoy in a portable format – that way, you can occupy the kids for long enough to ask your dealer any questions you may have. And don’t be afraid to pack snacks! While many dealerships will ask that you refrain from bringing food or drinks in the car you’re testing out, there will no doubt be some waiting time during which your kids can enjoy a juice box or snack while you fill out and sign paperwork.
Finally, don’t be afraid to call your dealership to ask them about documentation or identification that you can provide ahead of time to streamline the amount of time you have to spend at the car lot. They may even offer a kids-themed area for your children to enjoy and play in – leaving you a little less stressed and in the mindset for effective decision making! Sources: (1) http://www.parenting.com/family-time/money/10-tips-successful-family-car-buying

18 Feb

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