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Familyautoofgreenville is one of the best choices if you’re looking for Pre-owned vehicles in Greenville as we
have a perfect inventory to match your needs for Pre-owned vehicles in Greenville and our well trained staff
inspects and service each vehicle prior to allowing in onto lots and thus you are assured to have the best
options to select from, no matter if you’re looking for car, trucks or SUV’s we have everything for you under one
With in-house financing team we have a program for everyone, do not worry if you have bad credit ratings as
we understand that in the blink of an eye bad things can happen to good people and at times it includes
financial hardship that can affect the rating inversely and thus let our financial experts help you breathe a sigh
of relief by offering you a fresh start as we intend to offer a plan just to match your present needs and situation.
You will find that other dealers might see your bad credit as a way to milk you for more money however we at
Familyautoofgreenville understands your predicament and believes you shouldn’t be punished for it by being
denied financing or being saddled with huge interest rates.