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4 Types of Used Cars That You Can Buy Cheap Now and Sell High Later

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Posted by Family Auto of Greenville on Thursday, August 6, 2020

If you are planning to buy a used car now, that is, by the end of 2020 at least, you must invest strategically on a few types of cars that are still cheap and likely to see high resale in the near future. Given the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on the businesses all around, the US auto industry is likely to see a fresh set of demands in totally new segments. Look for the following options in the lots having a variety of used cars for sale in Greenville and pick one that will suit your current need, come cheap, and generate comparatively higher resale.

1.Small hatchbacks for the city

The economic story surrounding the coronavirus is not news to anyone. The layoff story was one of the worst in the US for the past few months with matters improving only slightly. Economists are hinting at a greater financial hit following the coronavirus and people will be moving to smaller cars, especially in the cities. So, visit a good Greenville car dealer and buy a quality hatchback now. When others will be shifting to this segment, you can upgrade and get an SUV.

2.Minivans and Camper Vans

Think about the likes of Chrysler Pacifica or Ford Transit. Even Camper Vans are likely to see high demands in the coming couple of years as people will travel less by air and more on road. You cannot cross the state in a sedan. Neither can you take your luxury SUV out from a ride away from Greenville to Miami. Airlines will still take some time to gain the customer confidence back but people will still want to travel. And what better way to hit the road than on a minivan that has space for almost anything.

3.Cars with a great highway EPA

That means Honda Civics should sell more than any other car. Here again, people will use their personal cars more to cross cities than depend on public transport. And these people will look for vehicles with great highway EPA in lots having cars for sale in Greenville, SC To date, highway EPA did not matter much to city dwellers. But as evident, the fear of the virus will increase the use of personal cars, and vehicles of this type will see high demand soon.

4.Trucks and SUVs with more space

US customers are also likely to become financially stringent. Instead of having a sportscar and a couple of sedans for the full family, people should be buying one vehicle which can serve all purposes. On these lines, look for 8-seater SUVs instead of 7. Buy crew cabs in trucks rather than the regular. If the price is a factor now, shop the Greenville car dealer who also helps with financing. And be sure to get back a good amount while reselling.


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