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4 Used Car Buying Strategies No One Tells You About in Greenville

Given the current prices of new cars, buying used cars is probably the smarter and more economical option. But you probably already know that. However, the strategy which you employ to budget for a used car, to buy the best in Greenville SC cars with the best of deals and best credit options, these are where most of us tend to falter. We have thus compiled a list. Employ these and do not miss out on a good deal while buying your next used car.

1. Ask a lot of questions when you find a cheap used car

Cheap used cars are cheap for a reason. If you are staring at such a deal, try not to get swayed by the price tag. Ask a lot of questions regarding the vehicle’s ownership history, accident damage, flood-damage possibility, reconditioning work, and more. Also, run the vehicle’s VIN yourself to crosscheck what the dealers tell you. The strategy here is to question the price as cars depreciate at a certain rate.

2. Old used cars can be gold

People looking for the best auto in SC Greenville often confuse new with quality when it comes to used cars. The notion is – 2-5-year-old cars are only worth looking at while anything over that is utter junk. But modern cars, especially those made after 2007, survive way longer than their predecessors. And you can save a substantial amount on the used car’s price by going a bit older. So, look past the myth of old cars not being gold or worth buying.

3. Buy used cars with assured warranties

Conventional used cars do come with warranties, provided you know which used car dealers in Greenville, SC to visit. Many customers in South Carolina think that used cars cannot have warranties. Others believe that used cars only come with extended warranties where you have to pay a particular sum upfront. But at Family Auto of Greenville, the 2-years/36,000 miles warranty is included in the package. All cars have it, no extra payments.

4. Keep your credit span short

Elongating the credit span is exciting. You see your monthly premiums nosedive. You feel you can afford a pricier car. But what happens in the background with a 5 to 7-year-loan is that your interest rate increases and you pay that much for that long. Work out with the creditor to take a 3-year loan. Select the best in Greenville SC cars within that budget. At reputed dealerships, you can find quality cars at all price ranges.


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