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5 Best Used SUVs that are Perfect for Greenville

Greenville is a bustling city. And that means traffic during the busy hours, frequent rides to different parts of the urban hub, maybe a few weekend trips to the outskirts, and regular journeys marred by starts and stops. Hence, living in Greenville, you will want to buy an SUV that is perfect for Greenville. Otherwise, your car will age faster and stay in the shop more than your garage. Here are 5 used SUV options that are truly perfect for Greenville.

Dodge Durango 2006

1.Dodge Durango

It is okay to express your surprise with this name for the Durango has little to offer to its customers, given the current competition in the market. But this is one of the top Dodge cars in Greenville that sell due to its engine power and sturdiness. If you can look past the Durango’s fuel efficiency, the SUV can take the frequent brakes, offer decent hauling power, and ample space to fit your entire family.

2.Toyota RAV4

However, if you are willing to pay a few extra dollars, want an impressive EPA, and buy an even better powertrain deal,nothing gets better than the Toyota RAV4 in Greenville. The SUV’s city EPA clocks at 28 mpg. The 2.5-liter engine is reliable and efficient. And you get safety features that are high tech and highly rated. Plus, the compact size of the RAV4 will help you to easily ride around Greenville.

3.Ford Escape

Escape is one of the popular used cars in Greenville, SC. This is a compact crossover that packs all the punches of a decent SUV and lies right within the average budget of Greenville dwellers. The EPA figures do not disappoint. Plus, its handling is efficient making it a safe car to drive when Greenville gets busy and noisy. You can also take the Escape for long drives and the car will oblige with all its impressive features.

4.Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V 2008

Another model with fame in Greenville. In fact, Honda CR-V’s reliability and performance are so highly rated that people hardly sell their car. This creates a dearth of CR-Vs in the market and you can find one only in the top dealership with buy here pay here in Greenville, SC. Honda has done everything right with the CR-V. It has made this car for the urban crowd. Buy one immediately if you find one and expect the best returns on your investments.

5.Nissan Rogue
Nissan Rogue is the hidden gem among all the SUVs perfect for Greenville. This is a car that comes cheap, carries all the necessary features, returns a city EPA of 26 mpg, and harbors modern infotainment. Pick the best used car lots that finance and search for a Nissan Rogue to stay inside your car-buying budget. The model is both reliable and safe and offers luxury sedan-like comfort inside the cabin.


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