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5 Car Interior Maintenance Tips for a Healthier Cabin

No one needs to be told twice that keeping the car interiors clean is just as important as exterior cleanliness. That is where you dwell while driving. Surely, you cannot enjoy a soothing ride while sitting on a dump of dust. However, where car owners back out of regularly cleaning their car interiors is the cost of getting the same done by a professional. A thorough cabin cleanup can easily drain around $500 every time. If the mess is manageable, you can, fortunately, take care of it yourself without ever reaching that inevitability of taking your car to the shop. And you can do that bit by bit by following these 5 helpful tips.

1.Invest in a few cleaning essentials

Think vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloth, brushes of different sizes and hardness, and a few all-purpose towels. Most used cars in Greenville, SC, can be cleaned regularly with this set at hand and putting in a few minutes every now and then will avert those massive cabin cleaning sessions. Keep the essentials close in your garage or basement.

2.Tend to the seats first

This is a technique that expert car dealerships in Greenville, SC, use to clean their cars. If you clean the floor mats and carpets first and then dust your seats, depending on the untidiness, you might have to clean the mats again. Instead, dust and vacuum the seats first and then move on to other areas. Also, keep in mind the type of seat you have – leather, cloth, or vinyl. Your cleaning agent will vary accordingly.

3.The dashboard comes next

Many ignore the cleanliness of the dashboard as it is easy to neglect. Dust accumulates on the tight corners of the knobs and buttons and stays hidden from sight, slowly polluting the air inside. Every time you give your car cabin a cleanup, attend to the dashboard mindfully. Make sure to not use any water and clean with a dry cloth or a soft brush.

4.Now clean the carpets and mats

It is not surprising for clean used cars from dealers to sport a dirty floor mat in a matter of weeks, especially if you have driven around in dusty regions. These are like dust and dirt magnets that quickly turn into sticky grime if not taken care of immediately. First, dust your carpet and mats. Use a vacuum cleaner to reach the tight spots. Rinse with soap and water, if required.

5.Lastly, get rid of the odor

Even if you have not smoked in the car, it can still emit foul smells for a variety of reasons. Maybe you had spilled food in the car. Maybe the moisture in the air harbored fungus. Buy an odor removal product from the market and set it off last. This will end your cleaning session for the time being.


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