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5 Great Used Cars You Can Buy in Greenville with Just $500 Down

Did you think that $500 is nothing when it comes to buying cars? Did someone tell you that cars have become pricey today and you need to save a fortune before even thinking of buying one for yourself? Well, you have certainly not heard about Family Auto then with its vast inventory of used cars where you can find a $500 down car in Greenville easily and shop on a budget. So, forget about saving a fortune. Here are 5 used car options you can look at in Family Auto, all of which you can finance from our dealership with just $500 down, and drive home a quality vehicle with an assured 2 years/36,000 miles warranty.

1. 2011 Fiat 500

One of the best city used cars for sale in Greenville, SC. The 2011 Fiat 500 is a compact car that is perfect for Greenville’s urban humdrum and you will rarely find it difficult to park this car given its size. Price is its biggest USP as you will hardly have to spend anything to buy this used car. And then comes its impressive EPA of 30 mpg city which enables you to save on gas expenses as well. With the 2011 Fiat 500, you cannot just go wrong.

2. 2011 Nissan Versa

If a three-door hatchback feels a little cramped for your expanding family, you can always look at the 2011 Nissan Versa that packs more cabin room than most of its competitors, simultaneously providing modest reliability and safety features. Not all Greenville car dealerships have a 2011 Versa in stock given its demand. But at Family Auto, you are sure to find one standing, ready for a test drive and your ownership. Out of stock is not in Family Auto’s dictionary, given our vast inventory.

3. 2012 Kia Rio

Among used cars sales in Greenville, SC, the 2012 Kia Rio is not specifically a popular car but that does not mean that it is not a great used car. The standard features that you get in this car, starting from engine performance to safety to EPA, are the best in the industry. And its affordable price tag enables you to finance the 2012 Rio with just $500 as down without paying much in credit as well. The 2012 Kia Rio is again perfect for Greenville streets, and it can accommodate your medium-sized family comfortably.

4. 2008 Toyota Yaris
Yes, you read the make and model right. You can buy a Toyota for just $500 down in Family Auto used car sales in Greenville, SC. Toyota had made 3 versions of its 2008 Yaris but the 4-door one is naturally more popular. Test-drive it in our dealership and buy the 2008 Yaris for its industry-leading reliability, engine sturdiness, fuel efficiency, and utility. Even the safety ratings of the vehicle are one of the highest in the segment, which makes the 2008 Yaris a worthy purchase.

5. 2011 Ford Fiesta

Ford has sold a healthy number of Fiestas back in 2011 as the car was a perfect marriage between a hatchback and a subcompact sedan. This means you get more cargo space in the 2011 Fiesta than any other hatchback, and the interiors are roomy as well. But the best part is its 4-cylinder turbocharged engine which takes the fuel efficiency to impressive figures. This $500 down car in Greenville is value for money, especially when you buy from Family Auto with assured warranties.


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