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500,000 Miles Used Trucks: Is It a Good Idea to Buy Such High-Mileage Pickups?

Most people still look for low-mileage used cars in Greenville and half a million miles on the odometer is almost outrageous for such buyers. However, we have long left that era where low-mileage used cars were only worth considering. Modern vehicles age slow. Odometer readings are increasingly losing their values. You should not be surprised to find a pickup truck with over 500,000 miles on it and still put up on sale as one of the top models of the lot. Yes, you can have skepticism about a pickup that has already traversed half a million miles but this figure does not mean that the truck does not have any more punches left in it anymore.

500,000 miles used trucks are common

If you have spotted a 500,000-mile used pickup in any of the top South Carolina car dealerships in Greenville, the chances are high that the vehicle is a heavy-duty pickup. And owners of heavy-duty pickups do not buy such trucks to allow them to stand in the garage. A pickup is built to run that many miles. It is meant to carry load and tow trailers for long distances. Such a high number on the odometer means that the truck was majorly driven on the highway and that is indeed a great sign.

The 500,000-mile pickup spent its life up to this point by doing what it was supposed to. And it picked up highway miles where vehicles run smoothly over long distances, without frequent starting and stopping that tends to put pressure on the powertrain. This is why hatchbacks and sedans beyond 200,000 miles are considered worn out. For a heavy-duty truck, 500,000 miles on the odometer are more than acceptable. Know for sure that the pickup will run you for half a decade more, provided you are buying from one of the trusted used car lots in Greenville, SC.

However, maintenance plays a key role

The above argument does not mean that you can buy just any 500,000-mile used pickup truck. How well the truck was maintained plays a vital role in determining the underlying quality when the pickup has already run that many miles. In South Carolina car dealerships in Greenville, be sure to ask for the pickup’s maintenance history. Also, run the VIN with a paid service to find out the number of previous owners, accident or damage history, and places of previous registrations. If these aspects check out, you might then proceed to buy such a high-mileage truck.

You also might want to look at the VIN report to understand when did the pickup take on the miles. Did it gather its 450,000 miles in its first 5 years and then just 50,000 in the next five? This means that the pickup was not used much in the last few years and most of its internal parts might have worn out. The best high-mileage pickup trucks have their mileage figures spread out evenly throughout their lifetime.

Or else, simply visit Family Auto, one of the best used lots in Greenville, SC. You get quality used trucks here, high-mileage or not, along with a guaranteed 2 years/36,000 miles warranty. With the warranty, you can trust the vehicle’s underlying quality and skip worrying about checking every possible parameter before buying a truck. So, high-mileage used trucks are a good find. It is a good idea to purchase such a vehicle. But get it from Family Auto and own the pickup with ultimate peace of mind.


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