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6 Crucial Driving Safety Tips in Rain

Every driver who has been out there, behind the wheels, being splashed by heavy rain, will know the troubles of driving when it is pouring down. Visibility reduces, traction becomes elusive, and your car tends to form a mind of its own, often taking you to places you don’t want to go. Naturally, accidents happen as losing control becomes easy and all that safety equipment in your car falls apart. Here, prevention is the key to safe driving and that is what you should focus on as the wet weather approach. And just on those lines, here are 6 crucial safe driving tips for you while it’s raining.

1.Check your tire’s health

When the road is offering you no friction at all, you need the grooves in your tire to work. Hence, it is imperative that you check your tires for top-notch health as soon as the skies start getting dark. Fill it up, maintain the optimum pressure, and switch to a new set if required. These are going to save your life when it matters.

2. And your wipers as well

While you are at it, do not forget your wipers. They also contain rubber which gets subjected to wear and tear with use. Fix any loose ends. Go for replacements. Make sure they are wiping your windshield clean and giving you the required visibility. You will need them in their top shape as well, especially when it is raining mercilessly.

3. Use your headlights

No matter when you are driving your car, keep your headlights on while it is raining. It not only improves your visibility but also helps other drivers to spot you on the road. In fact, it is a law in more than 30 states to keep the lights on when rain does it work to reduce visibility. Really use your headlights and make sure they are functioning properly.

4. Maintain safe distance

Try not to maintain the standard distance that you usually maintain with your adjacent cars during the wet weather. Increase the gap by a few inches. You may be following all the safety rules but there is no way of knowing if the driver in front is doing the same as well. Keep that buffer so that you can steer yourself into safety.

5. Remain calm during hydroplaning

Hydroplaning is common when it is pouring down. It happens when your tires lose traction with the road due to water accumulation. In such a scenario, let your car follow its course, take your feet off the gas and let your well-maintained tires kick in when the time comes. It can become dangerous if you try anything fancy during hydroplaning.

6. Keep your car well ventilated

Or else all the glass structures of your car will become foggy instantly and obscure your visibility even more. Ventilation is key to maintaining your cabin temperature nearly equal to that of the outside so that water does not condense on any one side. For this, you will need your car’s ventilation system to be in proper shape and functioning as a new machine.

Bad weather tests your driving skills. But it also gruels your car to that level. A minor faulty part can become a major issue when your car is giving its exam to nature and you do not want to find out the consequences. Thus, it is primary that you purchase your vehicle from a dealer where quality is assured and you get a car that will be your friend. Family Auto is such a dealer who backs their cars with warranties. You know that your vehicle is in the right shape when you are assured with such pledges. Drive safe and let your car help. A broken vehicle is not what you will want to take out in the rain.


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