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Buying AWD Used Car in Greenville – Do You Need It?

When all-wheel-drive cars came to the market, automakers marketed the technology heavily. Car buyers embraced the same as well since vehicles equipped with AWD provided better traction, handling, off-road capabilities, and grip. But AWD’s popularity did not fade 2WD away. In the used car market, front-wheel-drive used cars in Greenville, SC still sell and with good reasons. Just for driving around Greenville, you might not need the AWD feature even when it feels good to have it. After all, AWD used cars are pricier when compared to their 2WD counterparts.

Do you need an AWD used car?

As a Greenville resident, after buying used cars from dealers, you are more likely to drive around the town or take it out on the highway where the roads are fairly in good shape. Rarely will you go off-road for some adventure driving or testing your SUV. Plus, Greenville does not receive heavy snowfall that compromises the friction between the tires and the road. And the rainfall we receive annually fortunately is not that threatening. Taking these factors into consideration, you can safely do well with a 2WD used car. You might not need the extra traction and grip of the AWD technology and you will seldom understand the handling difference unless you are a pro driver.

Why not buy a used car with AWD anyway?

Just because you might not need it around Greenville does not mean that you should not have it at all. You can certainly visit top used car dealers in Greenville, SC, and explore the available AWD used car options.However, you cannot expect an outstanding fuel efficiency from AWD used cars when directly compared to 2WD cars. The system sends power to all 4 wheels of the vehicle and this makes the engine work extra. Also, AWD adds a fair amount of weight to a car’s curb weight which also compromises fuel efficiency. If you are okay with the overall package, consider AWD used cars as the handling and grip will be exceptional. But if fuel efficiency is your priority, 2WD cars are the way to go.

Decide based on your need

Think about the route you will be taking daily in Greenville. Figure out what you will need your car for the most. Then, talk with the experts of the best buy here pay here in Greenville and then decide between AWD and 2WD. Picking the latter will generate savings both on initial cost and gas expenses but if you really want to drive an AWD, get one by all means.


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