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Buying Greenville Used Cars at the End of the Month: Myth or Fact?

Used car experts often suggest that you should time your purchase of Greenville used cars at the end of the month. Popular opinion says that you get exciting deals during that time as compared to the starting of the month and you can squeeze in some savings on the same car. Is this notion true? Should you really wait for the month to end to get your vehicle? Do dealerships hand out deals at the end of the month? Let’s find out.

Some dealerships do become a bit lenient

All businesses have a sales target. And their salespeople get bonuses if they succeed in reaching the same. The deadline for these targets is usually kept on month-ends and the staff of such dealerships starts handing out discounts to meet the target. You might find the price of used cars a tad lower as the dealers become desperate to sell cars. The same applies to quarter-ends of each year which are also kept as deadlines of meeting targets.

But not all Greenville car dealerships give month-end discounts

Big and reputed dealerships generally reach their targets way before the month ends. Here, you do not get desperation discounts. This might seem to work against you but keep in mind that reputed Greenville dealers like Family Auto hold quality used cars that cannot come at cheap prices. Plus, remember that the price difference might just be a few hundred dollars from the dealerships that are yet to meet their sales target and the amount is not worth the risk of buying from a small-time dealer. At big dealerships, you get overall better deals that are available all around the year, not because they have a sales target to meet.

Look beyond month-end discounts

And shop for used cars based on more important factors. If you are looking for bad credit cars for sale, you will need to check the financing deals on offer. If you want to buy a popular used car model, you need to think about availability and quality. These matters more than timing your purchase at the end of the month and losing out on the opportunity to buy from credible dealerships with excellent deals. Also, keep in mind that if a dealer is willing to slash prices by the second, the quality of the used car might not be what you see on the surface. At top dealerships, you get warranties along with the assurance that you are buying a quality vehicle.


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