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Buying Used Cars: 4 Things That Won’t Happen in Family Auto of Greenville

Numerous deals are available in the used car market. Multiple Greenville used car dealers make various promises. But most of them seem to change as soon as you enter one of those dealerships. Out comes a list of terms and conditions that were not displayed on the banner and you part ways with more money than you thought you would initially. Unethical business practices are everywhere and this is where reputation matters. In a trusted name like Family Auto of Greenville, which has been in business for over 20 years, unethical business practices have no place.

Here are 5 things that will never get at Family Auto. Our motto is to treat you like family and good family members do not look to dupe you out of money.

1.Reject your auto loan based on credit scores

We are buy here pay here Greenville used car dealers. This means that we finance customers who have bad or no credit scores. Only a few today manage to maintain good credit scores in America. And often, unfortunate events like a health emergency or heated divorce can plummet anyone’s credit score for the time being. We accommodate all customers in our dealership with all ranges of creditworthiness. Your auto loan request is always approved at Family Auto of Greenville.

2.Take advantage of your bad credit score to increase our profits

Most unscrupulous dealers use your bad credit score as an incentive to charge sky-high interest rates. Yes, the buy here pay here rates are higher than banks but they cannot be any amount that the dealership feels like charging. At Family Auto, our bad credit financing rates are hinged on the buy here pay here market. Plus, we follow a systematic way to calculate the interest rate payable by looking into your credit report, income statement, and debt to income ratio. We never look to profit by taking advantage of your situation.

3.Cheap used cars with hidden damages

You will not get cheap used cars in Family Auto instead expect affordable used cars for sale in Greenville, SC, with us. Used cars can come in all price ranges but the ones with surprisingly low prices generally hide unrepairable damages. A flood-damaged car has faulty electronics that do not deploy the airbags when necessary. A used car with an accident history may have structural damage that cannot bear any more frontal accidents. Such used cars will come cheap but will seriously threaten your life. You will only find quality used cars in our dealership, backed by a flat 2 years/36,000 miles warranty.

4.Fixed down payment for approved auto financing

To minimize losses, some buy here pay here dealers have fixed down payment systems. That is, you have to pay a specific percentage of the car’s price as down to get approved for their bad credit financing. Although it might help at some level, not everyone can afford the same. And without trade-in offers, customers are forced to liquidate their savings to buy used cars. You will not have to take that approach in Family Auto. We maintain a flexible down payment policy where you can trade in your car and pay a down amount as low as $500. You decide your financing plans as per your convenience.


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