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Buying Used is Way Better than Pre-Owned Used Trucks in Greenville

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Posted by Family Auto of Greenville on Thursday, September 24, 2020

Trucks are no longer what they used to be. And this is true for the entire automotive industry. There was a point of time in history when trucks started breaking down after running just 5-6 years and the repair costs did not make it logical to hold on to such vehicles. So, for used truck enthusiasts, pre-owned vehicles in Greenville were the only option that had some surety of running long. But all that changed after 2007 when automakers started revamping their technology and rolled out trucks that survived. Today, a decade-old truck with 150,000 plus miles on it can run as fine as any CPO out there.

And this brings forward the statement that currently, buying used trucks makes much more sense than going for CPOs. The reasons are convincing, given the external factors that work upon buyers.

Used trucks are way cheaper than CPOs

To begin with, trucks do not come as cheap as sedans or SUVs. They pack more muscle, are multi-purpose, and hence, command more price. But you just cannot look for cheap used trucks in Greenville, SC in CPO dealerships. The fleet is priced quite near to their newer counterparts and your options are often limited to the top trims or pricier alternatives. To bring things to perspective, the average price of a CPO truck lies well over $40,000 while standard used trucks begin somewhere around $28,000. The difference matters more when you add interest of your loan, insurance premiums, taxes, and so on.

Truck options are also limited to the brand you pick

Pre-owned vehicles in Greenville are only sold by certified dealers. In other words, you will only get used Ford trucks in a Ford-certified dealership. This might seem like an easy deal as you know that Ford trucks are the best but you currently cannot rule out GMC, RAM, or even Honda. You will not know until you test drive them all. And to do that, you will have to visit four certified dealerships to test drive four vehicles. On the contrary, there are no such restrictions is standard used car dealerships. You get all the options in one place and can buy after comparing on the very same day.

Lastly, you cannot buy a CPO truck with a bad credit score

Certified dealers are rarely lenders. This means that you will have to apply for auto loans with the traditional financial houses who entertain only good credit score holders. With a subprime score, you cannot finance a CPO truck and that halts your wish right in the track. But with used trucks, you can visit a buy here pay here dealer and finance even with a bad score. As long as your paycheck can cover the premium, no questions are asked. Combine all these reasons and used trucks make sense. CPOs have now become a luxury especially when American’s income has not increased at all.


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