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Checking a Used Car for Clear Signs of Previous Accidents

No driver has ever driven a car without being involved in a few accidents. While minor accidents are common in used car histories, it is the type of reconditioning done that you should worry about. For example, to weld parts together, the servicing agent has to take the paint off to do a proper job. Once done, the paint has to be reapplied almost immediately to prevent the exposure of the metal surface to moist air that might lead to rusting. Welding after an accident is common. It does not harm the car. But leaving it unpainted is what causes the massive damages.

So, while buying used cars in Greenville, SC,you must try your best to avoid vehicles that had been in major accidents or carry the risks of poor reconditioning. To verify, keep your eyes and ears open for the following telling signs.

1.Paint mismatch or large patches

Disreputable dealers cover up visible signs of damages or rust by painting the areas over. These are visible in the form of inconsistent paint jobs. If you see that the hood is of a different color than the body, immediately ask for the car’s accident history. Similarly, show your skepticism if large areas have been covered with paint patches. It means that the area had poor reconditioning work.

2.Out of place car parts

It is easier for dealers fixing damaged cars to simply change the affected part rather than the whole system. Hence, look out for shiny new parts surrounded by old and dusty neighbors. Also, make sure that the part used is authentic and not a counterfeit.If you are buying a top Chevy in Greenville, SC, it must be reconditioned with Chevy or GM parts only, as done by the reputed used car dealers.

3.Bent frame or chassis

Stay away from used cars where you can spot the bent frame just by looking at it. This means that the vehicle had been in a massive accident and the body cannot take another. For the cars that look straight, try to get the feel of the chassis while test driving. If the vehicle does not drive straight, ditch the deal immediately. Realigning frames and reselling cars are never suggested.

4.Missing, rusted, or new screws

These humble mechanical components can tell a lot about the vehicle’s history. Used cars or used trucks in Greenville that have been in an accident or stayed in the shop for major repairs will miss a few of its original screws. Look under the hood for rusted or fresh screws. This means that the service center misplaced these tiny components while repairing. Here again, inquire why the car had to go for a repair and check its history thoroughly for accidents.


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