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Gasoline vs Hybrid Used Cars: Which Ones Are More Reliable?

If you have heard that hybrid used cars are less reliable than their gasoline counterparts, you are not alone. Popular opinion points out that hybrid cars carry batteries as integral parts of their drivetrains and hence, they are expensive to replace. Probably, this additional cost makes hybrid models highly unreliable and you should just stick to gasoline vehicles with fewer repair expenses. However, reliability rating agencies like J.D. Power and Consumer Reports rate hybrid cars very highly. The experts there say that hybrids are as reliable as gasoline vehicles and the cost of battery replacement does not matter at all.

What is going on? What should you believe? The next time you visit a buy here pay here dealership, should you buy a used hybrid or gasoline vehicle? Let’s find out.

Yes, hybrid battery replacements are expensive

You have heard right! Hybrid vehicle batteries are different than the conventional ones placed in gasoline cars and naturally cost way more to replace. Today, replacing a hybrid vehicle battery can cost you anywhere between $2,000 to $3,000. But do keep in mind that this expense will hit you once in a decade. Manufacturers design the batteries to run well over 10 years and you need not worry about replacements any time soon if you buy a used hybrid. So, get over this myth and search for quality used hybrids in the top car dealerships in Greenville, SC. Just battery replacements should not hold you back.

Hybrid cars are better for driving in the city

A city like Greenville sees heavy traffic. When you drive around, you are bound to start and stop frequently and may not accelerate beyond a certain limit. Now, this driving pattern is detrimental for gasoline engines but a hybrid powertrain can take it. Hybrid cars, at low speeds, run on their electric engines. And electric engines can seamlessly start and stop without applying immense pressure to the mechanism inside. The gasoline engine thus stays protected and the entire drivetrain survives longer than a full-gasoline car. This is why J.D. Power and Consumer Reports rate cars like Toyota Prius and Hyundai Sonata Hybrid higher than typical gasoline cars. Their built skyrocket the reliability ratings.

But not all hybrids are reliable

Which is the trend of the entire automotive market. Not all gasoline cars are reliable. Similarly, not all hybrid models are reliable. Only a few automakers have got the mix right and are manufacturing hybrid cars that are surpassing all expectations. So, do your research, come to Family Auto sales, and buy a used hybrid car with a high reliability rating and an assured warranty of 2-years/36,000 miles. Buy right and you will get an impressive fuel economy. Gas prices will hardly pinch you from here on.


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