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How Important is the TMPS Light on the Dashboard of Your Used Car?

We all know the importance of the check engine light on the dashboard and rightly lose our minds when it comes on. But only a few of us react in a similar fashion when another light shaped like an inverted tire with an exclamation mark starts glowing in the same vicinity. There is a reason why the United States made it mandatory for all its passenger vehicles to come with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System since 2008. If the TMPS light comes on, you must have some worries and take action if not with the same intensity as the check engine light.

The TMPS light and its uses

You can probably understand the function of the TMPS light in used cars in Greenville, SC from its name. The technology continuously measures the pressure of all the tires and turns the warning signal on when the pressure inside any one of the tires dips below the optimal. Driving with underinflated tires comes with its own dangers. And this is often touted as one of the major reasons for road accidents in America.

When the tire pressure falls below the optimal, the rubber cannot grip the road adequately. You thus lose friction and handling your car becomes difficult. Especially during wet conditions, underinflated tires become a serious threat because that is when you will require the most traction from your tires. Vehicles tend to skid and you ram into things causing serious injuries.

In the best-case scenario, running on underinflated tires will affect your fuel efficiency. The engine of your used car will have to work extra hard to move forward on imperfectly round wheels. So, while shopping for vehicles in used car dealerships in Greenville, make sure that the TMPS works. And take appropriate actions when the light comes on while your drive.

The TMPS light helps to keep track of your tires

Old tires are as hazardous as underinflated tires. And you can keep track of your rubber deterioration by measuring the frequency at which the TMPS light is coming on. For instance, if the TMPS light comes on just after a few days you filled the rubbers with air, know for sure that your vehicle’s tires have become old and are leaking. However, if the TMPS light stays off for a solid number of miles without bothering you much, you can safely assume that the tires still have a long way to go.

Used car maintenance is more important

More than the TMPS light, you should prioritize the maintenance of your used car. During those oil change schedules or time belt replacement sessions, you can ask the mechanic to check the tire pressure and refill the air if necessary. When you maintain your used car, the vehicle survives really long. And you do not have to worry about the TMPS light because you know that the tires are almost always functioning at their optimal.

So, start by buying a quality used car from a quality dealership like Family Auto sales. Place the right importance on the parameters that your car warns you about. Maintain the vehicle, get any abnormal alerts checked, and you shall continue to drive safely in South Carolina.


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