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How is Buy Here Pay Here Different from Certified Dealerships?

There are numerous sellers of used cars in the flourishing US auto market however, the two names that almost always tops the list are buy here pay here dealerships and certified used car dealerships. Both types have very different business models and accordingly, the brands they sell and the price they sell at vary starkly. This post presents a comparative study between the two to help you to understand their differences better and make an informed decision while buying a used car for your family.

Certified cars are generally leased vehicles, BHPH come typically from owners

Carmakers lease their pricier models to corporate houses, event planners, or even individual consumers which they take back after the agreement period and sell as certified used cars. Generally, these cars are sold directly by the manufacturers or their approved dealers, are covered by warranty, and carry a higher price tag owing to less mileage. Car dealerships with buy here pay here, on the other hand, sell cars that were previously owned by general consumers. The year and mileage on these cars vary and they come a lot cheaper as well.

BHPH dealerships offer financial assistance, certified ones do not

The core business model of BHPH dealerships revolves around offering you financial assistance by their own in-house team. And they offer you auto loans no matter what your credit score has to say. You can get approved at the good buy here pay here dealerships with no credit or bad credit as long as you have a present income that can cover your monthly payments. Certified dealers have no such in-house assistance team. You will have to procure credits from conventional sources like banks or credit unions in order to buy certified used cars.

BHPH dealerships have trade-in policies, certified dealers rarely do

As the certified lot directly comes from manufacturers, they cannot accept your old car as a trade-in. Thus, you lose the opportunity to use the cash equivalent of your previous car while buying the present one. However, when you purchase used cars in Seneca, SC or nearby areas, particularly from buy here pay here dealerships, their business model enables them to offer you exchange policies. You can trade-in to reduce the down payment amount or the credit that you are requesting. Overall, going for BHPH dealers that accept trade-ins ultimately become financially beneficial to you.

Plus, good buy here pay here dealerships come with offers like flexible payments, referral money, warranties, a large inventory to choose from and much more. Overall, such dealerships are always the better option if you want to buy your used cars on a budget with all-inclusive deals.


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