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How much Do You Have to Earn to Buy a Used Car?

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The more, the better. That is what probably any sane mind will tell you. And speaking in lines with the banks, you will probably have to earn around $60,000 annually to able to procure a loan to buy a car. But just as with any rule, nothing is absolute, and in today’s US auto market, you can literally buy a used car with any salary that you may be earning now. All you need to do is visit one of the top used car dealerships in Greenville SC to ensure authenticity. And you can drive home any car you want without worrying that much about finances.

How is it this easy to buy a car?

Especially with used cars Greenville SC, the first assisting factor is their overall price. A used vehicle will cost you almost 30% less if you buy it just after 1 year of use and the price will go down further as time passes by. Also, the overall low price brings down all other related expenses like credit and insurance payments and thus, the expenditures have a higher possibility of falling within your budget bracket. You can almost always find a used car that will come at a price as low as you can think of and your net salary will hardly play a role.

Won’t low salary affect my credit prospects?

A massive factor that determines your credit score is your income to debt ratio. If you already have a few credits to pay within the limit of your limited salary, your score will not be that shinning. Obviously, you will have mortgages and personal insurances to take care of, and that can eat away a chunk of your salary. And this will impact your score adversely. Even in such a situation, you can buy a used from dealerships like Family Auto who extend credit to bad and no score holders. As long as your excess salary can take care of the payments, you are good to go.

Then, my salary figure does not matter?

If you can financially plan your car to adequately meet all your other expenses, you can indeed buy a used car with almost any figure. Take financial assistance from the top used car dealerships in Greenville SC if required. Buy cheap and pay low registration and insurance charges. The $60,000 rule is merely a safety policy. With proper planning, your salary amount does not have to decide your car purchasing capability.


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