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How to Check for Rust Before Buying Used Cars in Greenville?

Modern cars are made of rust-proof materials but that does not mean that the used car you are about to buy is not hiding some rust in any corner. It is common for old cars to have rust. The rust-proof material wears off with time, baring the steel underneath, and given the right conditions, the car’s body can catch rust. But if left unchecked, rust spreads fast and seriously compromises the structural integrity of either a particular car part or the whole vehicle. And you should thus stay away from rusted used cars in Greenville, SC if you happen to come across any.

Here’s how you can inspect a used car for rust. All you need is a keen eye and you are ready.

1. Start with the bottom of the vehicle

If rust has to form in a used car, that is where it will begin. The bottom of the car is filled with complicated parts, thereby having multiple sharp edges and corners. And these are the places from where the rust-proof material corrodes first. Use a flashlight and lie down to inspect the underneath of the used car. Hold your patience and check the edges. Good buy here pay here cars will have a rust-free body but you can always call in a professional if you feel unsure.

2. Look underneath the floor mats

Things get easier from here – no more lying on the ground. Get inside the used car and look under the floor mats. This is where moisture gets trapped and finds its way to the metal underneath. Rust on the cabin floor also indicates poor maintenance and ventilation and can reveal demons in the car that you may not think about checking. Here again, have patience and try to inspect every inch for possible rust.

3. Scan the car’s exterior body

You should be looking for amateur paint patchwork of bubbling areas that are clear indications of rust. A used car from a top buy here pay here in Greenville, SC will have a flawless exterior body condition. Even if reconditioning was required, the job will be professional. Amateur paint job means that the rust might have been partially removed but it will come back. And bubbles form in paints when there is untreated rust ignored underneath.

4. Keep your eye open for water marks

Water marks with rust are a deadly combination for a used car. This almost always means that you are looking at a flood-damaged vehicle. Standing water marks are visible inside the headlights. You will also spot salt deposits while checking the bottom of the vehicle. Now, Greenville might not have any major floods in recent times but it is not uncommon for vehicles to get moved around. So, do check for water marks or simply stick with the best buy here pay here in Greenville. You will get assured quality backed by warranties.


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