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How to Remotely Inspect Your Used Car During the Corona virus Crisis?

Visit the used car dealership, visually inspect the car, ask the dealership to hand over the car’s history and get a feel by sitting inside – these are now inspection tips of the past as a respiratory virus has turned the world upside down in the first half of the 21st-century and is currently showing no signs of going away for at least a few years now. So, does this mean that you buy any random used car with your eyes closed? Do you trust the dealer at face value and accept whatever car that is delivered to you? Not at the top used car dealerships in Greenville, SC. They are leading the way in helping customers to inspect remotely in the COVID-19 age.

1. Pick a make and model online

Select a buy here pay here in Greenville that has a functioning website. In other words, make sure that you can scroll through their entire lot sitting at your home and see original pictures of the cars available. Take the help of other listing websites to narrow down on a few models and check their availability on the dealer’s site. Do not hesitate to call the dealer to find out more about the used car you like.

2. Request a virtual tour

The best used car dealerships in Greenville, SC, will comply immediately as a virtual tour of the car you pick will be included in the package. Take a solid 15 minutes out to sit in front of your laptop (the bigger screen will help) and guide the dealership’s staff into showing you every corner of the car that you have picked. As you would have done in person, make sure that you do not leave out any car part during the virtual tour.

3. Ask for the VIN

First, ask the dealership to send over the car’s service and ownership history via mail to your house. Also, ask for its VIN to run a personal check. A few online services can give you a comprehensive report about the car’s history and you can crosscheck the same with the dealership-provided details without ever having to leave your home. Once you are convinced that the deal is good, it is time for a test drive.

4. Test drive before signing the papers

This, unfortunately, you cannot do remotely. However, you can search for the best bad credit car dealerships near me which allow you to complete all the financial and legal formalities either online or remotely so that your stay at the center is reduced to a few minutes. Upon arrival, take the car out for a test drive immediately. Only enter the offices to sign papers and collect your keys.

The secret to effectively inspecting the car you are buying was never about the in-person evaluations. It was always about your eye for detail and the dealer’s cooperation. Fortunately, all of these can be done remotely.


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