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How to Spot a Quality Buy Here Pay Here Used Car in Greenville?

Just like any other industry, there are two types of buy here pay here car lots in Greenville, SC. One is fewer in number as they are reputed, provide quality service and used cars, and you can trust them with your eyes closed. The other is in the business to make profits. These do not care whether their business survives for long or the quality of car they sell you. They dupe customers to buy lemon cars at market price and take home hefty revenues.

You do not need to think twice to decide from which buy here pay here dealer would you want to buy used cars in Greenville, SC. But how do you know the difference? Spot a quality buy here pay here dealer with quality vehicles? Look out for the following pointers.

1. Search for flat used car warranties

Warranties not only mean that your used car’s repair expenses are covered for the next couple of years but they also mean that the warranty provider is backing the vehicle’s quality. No business will willingly want to pay your expenses for you. Only if they are satisfied that the used car will not see any repairs soon will they want to cover it. So, consider those used car dealerships in Greenville, SC who offer flat warranties. The assurance should come right in the purchase package.

2. Ask for the vehicle’s history

This should include both ownership and maintenance history. The first will tell you whether the used car you are about to buy was privately owned or corporate-owned. The second will reveal if the car was properly maintained and if its parts were replaced at appropriate moments. Now, BHPH car dealerships in Greenville are not under compulsion to provide these documents during the purchase but when you ask for them, the answer should not be a flat no. A reputed dealer will guide you through the process of finding out and answer all your doubts.

3. Check the size of the inventory

It is impossible for fraudulent buy here pay here car lots in Greenville, SC to maintain a large inventory as they mostly fill their dealerships with lemon cars. And a BHPH dealership that has a large inventory is in the market to stay in business and cannot afford to do the same by selling lemon cars. Hence, a large inventory of used cars is a sign of reputation. If the dealership operates at multiple locations along with Greenville and can promise to get you any used car you want, be sure that you are transacting with a quality name.

4. Look into the source of used cars

The best way to inspect this is to pick used car dealerships in Greenville, SC who have trade-in policies. If you can sell your used car and use its dollar value in the purchase of the next vehicle in the dealership, it means that the car you are about to buy once belonged to an individual just like you. And privately-owned used cars generally come in top shape and reputed dealers expertly recondition them to further improve the vehicles’ quality. In the end, you get a quality buy here pay here used car.

In the best buy here pay here car dealerships in Greenville, you will get all the above features. And Family Auto of Greenville is surely the top name on that list. We house the largest inventory in Greenville. We offer a flat 2 years/36,000 miles warranty on any car you buy along with easy trade-in and no credit check financing options. Visit us today and check out our extensive lot. Invest in the highest-quality used car at Family Auto.


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