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Should You Buy a Used Jeep Grand Cherokee? Only If…

If you are here asking the “Grand Cherokee” question, you are either a Jeep fan or you are exploring all your used SUV options to make an educated decision. Either way, you need to evaluate the pros and cons of buying a used Grand Cherokee and stack them against the vehicle’s competitors like the Ford Explorer or the Toyota 4Runner. In top used car lots in Greenville, SC, you might get the Cherokee for an economical price but that does not make it a steal-worthy deal. Weigh your options before signing the sales papers for a used Grand Cherokee.

Buy the Grand Cherokee if…

You are looking for a top-performing SUV with fantastic off-road capabilities and premium safety. In its segment, a few offer engine performance or safety features like the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Look for the third-generation model, anywhere between 2011 to 2015, and you shall have an SUV with improved design, modest cargo space, ample passenger space, and top-of-the-line towing capacity. The SUV’s luxury features stand out given the price at which you can get a used Grand Cherokee in reputed used car dealerships in Greenville, SC.

However, the Grand Cherokee might not be your car if…

You intend to keep the SUV for a long time or need a big vehicle that can fit your entire family. Jeep Grand Cherokee has abysmal reliability ratings. The first and second generations of the Cherokees have seen extensive call-backs and repairs become frequent with time. Again, you should stay fine with a 2011 model but a used Cherokee over 15 years old can be expensive to own. Additionally, the Jeep Grand Cherokee does not have third-row seating despite its mammoth size. This aspect can be disappointing given that its few competitors can fit in a few extra passengers. Hence, many buyers remain sceptical about the used Grand Cherokee during their visit to used car lots in Greenville, SC.

What should you do?

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Now, Ford Explorer and Toyota 4Runner are expensive when compared to the Grand Cherokee owing to their popularity and reliability. But just because Jeep’s SUV loses on these two grounds, it does not make the Grand Cherokee a disappointing vehicle to buy. To bypass the reliability factor, visit the top buy here pay here in Greenville like Family Auto where a warranty is available on every vehicle. You know that a used Grand Cherokee from Family Auto will be covered under warranty for 2 years/36,000 miles and the underlying quality will keep your further expenses in check.

Plus, remember that a used Jeep Grand Cherokee will provide you best safety features in the industry. The model is often touted to have futuristic safety installations that most of its competitors came up with much later. For your small family with modest needs, a used Grand Cherokee should do its job. Buy from a reliable dealer and remain stress-free.


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