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The Best-Selling Used Cars of Greenville in first half of 2022

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Just like in 2021, people continued to buy an overwhelming number of used cars in 2022 as well. And for obvious reasons, used car buyers gravitated towards a few models more than the alternatives available. In Family Auto car dealerships in Greenville, SC, we keep track of the used car models we sell to stock our inventory better and 2022 was naturally no exception. The data we collected enabled us to create a list of the best-selling used cars of Greenville as per the trends we saw in our dealerships.

For your reference, we mirror that list here. If you are looking to invest in a quality used car this new year, this list can be your starting point.

1. The Ford F-series – all years of manufacture

People looking into used trucks for sale in Greenville rarely look beyond the F-series. Over the years, Ford has amassed a stunning reputation in producing pickup trucks and people seem to still trust the brand. In our Greenville dealership, we sold both mid and heavy-duty used Ford pickup trucks in large numbers. And the year of manufacture did not matter as customers were willing to go as old as 2008. The Ford F-series was naturally the best-selling model in Greenville in the pickup segment.

2.Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester is not only the brand’s best-selling model but it also held similar fame in the used car market in 2022. The sales numbers of the used Forester outgunned its competitors from Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet. We can say that the semiconductor chip shortage might have played a key role in elevating Subaru Forester’s popularity but the SUV does have its own merits. The reliability is acceptable and the safety features are impeccable – all of which make the used Forester a great choice.

3. Honda CR-V

When it comes to compact SUVs, not many can rival the reliability and performance specifications of the Honda CR-V. And throughout 2021, the used CR-V held on to its high sales numbers across all Family Auto used car dealers in Greenville. Used car buyers love the CR-V because of the model’s versatility. Honda is also known to make highly reliable cars that tend not to see as many repairs as its competitors. In the compact segment, the used CR-V ruled again in 2022 and this trend is likely to continue.

4. Toyota Camry

According to the internet experts, the Toyota Camry might not be the brand’s best car but used car buyers in Greenville do not agree with it. Almost all used car dealerships in Greenville, SC run out of the used Toyota Camry first and we, at Family Auto, saw a similar pattern. Most of our customers requested the Camry. And we met every request by deploying our strong network spread well over Upstate South Carolina. The used Camry is a compact, no-fuss vehicle that packs Toyota’s impeccable reliability.

5. Toyota Tacoma

2021 reiterated America’s love for pickup trucks as we saw another pickup truck enter our best-selling list of the year. And the model was not from one of the Big Three trucks makers in the US but from a manufacturer known for its sedans and hatchbacks. Toyota Tacoma sold majorly because of its balance between price and versatility. Buyers who did not need a muscle truck but also wanted 5-passenger seating obviously went for the used Tacoma. Compared to 2021, the sales figures of the used Tacoma were better in 2022.


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