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The Best Used Trucks for Towing

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Not all trucks are meant for towing. Not all pickups can tow your boat to the nearby lake for some pristine fishing or the cargo cart to the market to deliver your products. If you go over the truck’s mentioned towing capacity, the engine will give up its life soon with the transmission system breaking down before that and cooling fluids leaking all over. Hence, you will want to buy cheap used trucks specifically known for their towing ratings. Here is a comprehensive list for you.

Ford Ranger

The Ranger is your moderately priced pickup truck that can tow up to 7,500 pounds easily. The maximum payload capacity is also in the decent range of 1,860 pounds, making it the perfect vehicle for transit businesses. In the top dealerships where all the used cars for sale in Greenville are available with warranties, you can get your Ford Ranger at a steal-away price with assurances of quality and long service.

Ford F-150

However, if you need a bigger truck for hauling double the load, the Ford F-150 should be your choice. The pickup is quite popular as the towing capacity reaches well over 13,000 pounds with a maximum payload rating standing at 3,270 pounds. Buy this immediately if you find one standing at a top dealership selling cheap cars with buy here pay here. The Ford F-150 series has a massive reputation when it comes to reliability.

RAM 3500

In the heavy-duty segment, RAM has successfully overtaken the likes of Ford and GMC. The 3500 packs power with convenience and is currently a pickup to keep an eye out for. The towing capacity rating reaches an overwhelming 35,000 pounds with the payload following behind with impressive figures of 7,620 pounds. For an economic price, the RAM 3500 can surely serve all your business and personal needs. And the two crew-cab is an added bonus.

GMC Canyon

GMC’s Canyon is probably the cheapest pickup of this list. Being mid-size, you might find it easily in top buy here pay here lots with used cars for sale in Greenville. The towing capacity is a modest 7,700 pounds and the payload maxes out at 1,600 pounds. The V6 engine gives the truck the required power and the mechanical structure is similar to the popular Colorado. Overall, the Canyon can be your best bet if your needs are not that high.

Cheap used trucks can also tow well. It all comes down to the quality of the truck that you are buying and the dealership you are getting it from. Stick to the reputable ones and own a truck with pride that can indeed tow almost anything.


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