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What do Greenville Used Car Shoppers love About Family Auto Sales?

For over 20 years now, Family Auto of Greenville has been committed to serving used car buyers with the best shopping experience. We have provided Greenville dwellers with quality used cars. And we have facilitated them with easy financing without any emphasis on credit scores. Time and again, our shoppers have thanked us for a specific deal or feature along with our impeccable customer service that is hard to beat. In this post, we list those words of appreciation. Find out what Greenville used car shoppers loved about us and why nearly all of them recommended Family Auto to their friends and family.

Robert Warner loved our used car warranties

“Honestly, I was surprised to see what I saw. I went on expecting some hidden term that the dealership was not revealing. I got a comprehensive 2 years/36,000 miles warranty on the used car I bought. Such a deal is not even available with certified dealers.”, said Robert while giving us his feedback. Robert was not only ecstatic with the quality of the 2014 Honda Civic that we sold him but he also praised our overall quality benchmark. “You guys really have some of the best used cars in Greenville.”, he added.

Marilyn loved our speed of financing

“It was as if I only came in for a test drive.”, explained Marilyn. She had a bad credit score and was looking to finance a 2011 Prius. We processed her request, approved her loan, dealt with the paperwork, and handed her the keys in no time at all. “All other dealerships that I have visited before Family Auto made me wait this long just to answer a few questions. But you guys not only answered my queries but help me finance an entire car in a matter of minutes. Kudos to you all.”, said Marilyn. Buy here pay here financing is about fast approvals in our dealership.

Nydia loved our trade-in policy

Family Auto offer me the best price till date on my old car. I have taken offers from several dealerships but no one could beat Family Auto’s rate. I immediately agreed to your offer, given how quickly you came to a price without haggling.” exclaimed Nydia. She was looking for an upgrade over her old Subaru Forester. Nydia now needed a minivan and trade-in was the only way she could afford her down payment and the entire financing burden. “Car dealerships in Greenville with no trade-in option were not an option for me. And the ones who did have the option offered outrageous rates. Only Family Auto was transparent in their approach and gave me the best price.”, said Nydia.

Andrew Seay loved our financing structure

“I had this notion before I came to Family Auto sales that buy here pay here dealers are all about making your life miserable. They charge high interest rates and make you come down to their dealership every month to pay the premium. I was expecting something similar here as well but you people beat all my expectations.”, were Andrew’s words. We offered Andrew a flexible down payment offer. And we matched his monthly payment date to his pay check date. Andrew opted to pay online and we accepted his request promptly. “Family Auto makes buy here pay here financing easy. You people mean it when you say you treat your customers like your family.”


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