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What is a Car Recall and What Can You Do About It?

No matter what you hear around, it is never a good feeling to read that your car has been recalled. It simply means that your vehicle has a safety issue and now the automaker wants it back for some time to fix the same. However, car recalls are quite frequent in the US and over 29 million cars were recalled in 2018 alone. So, if you find yourself on this side of the fence, avoid hitting the panic button and follow the simple procedures that normally follow. This post is your quick guide to car recalls. Know all you need to here.

What is a car recall?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the NHTSA or the automakers often give out recall notices to vehicle owners, both new and used, to address a safety-related defect on those models. It might concern the steering, tires, electronics, brakes, ignition switch, and more. Often, car manufacturers themselves detect the glitch and decide to make the recalls. Or, you can place a complaint with the NHTSA if you notice anything and the body will ensue an investigation when other owners have similar complaints as well.

What happens when a recall decision is made?

You will receive a notice from the vehicle’s manufacturer within 60 days of the decision is made. A mail will come explaining the reason for the recall and the list of authorized dealers where you can take your car to fix the current glitch. If you missed the recall notice, you can always contact the manufacturer directly.

Who pays for the repairs?

The manufacturer does. You do not have to give a single penny. Once you take your car to the authorized dealer, it will fix the defect in a matter of hours or loan you a substitute car if the problem is serious. However, there have been cases where the automaker has refused to pay the entire repair cost for vehicles more than 10 years old. In such situations, you can contact your car dealership in Greenville, SC, to get an estimate.

How can you avoid recalls?

In reality, you cannot. You are never in any position to know what defects might have stayed in the cars during their manufacturing and the recall notice can come any time. However, you can stay away from purchasing recalled used cars in Greenville, South Carolina. Top dealers do not sell recalled vehicles until the matter is sorted by the automaker and back you with warranty once those cars once they come back from the shop.


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