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What is Automatic Emergency Braking (And Do You Need It in Greenville)?

Researching the top used cars to buy for yourself, you have surely come across terms like AEB and ABS that might seem too fancy for your taste. You may have also heard that these features only increase the price of cars and are useless to experienced drivers such as yourself. But before you reach such a conclusion and actually shrug off vehicles with automatic emergency braking, you will need to understand what the system really does and then explore do you need it or not. Many Family Auto cars might not come with AEB in Greenville but that does not mean they are not safe.Let’s explore the reason here.

What is Automatic Emergency Braking?

An automatic emergency braking system employs a host of sensors around your car to detect other vehicles in your proximity and sends off an alarm when the braking distance is not adequate. In case you do not respond to the alarm on time, the AEB will apply the brakes for you and bring the car to a halt right before the collision. As you can understand, AEB can be a live-savior for inexperienced drivers. But they might just be unnecessary for experienced ones in the busy roads of Greenville where you can seldom accelerate beyond uncontrollable levels. This is why Family Auto car dealerships see substantial demand for used vehicles without AEB installed.

So, driving carefully can save you?

AEB works via two modes – dynamic brake support and crash imminent brake support. The former works when you have not applied enough pressure on your brakes to halt the car. The latter kicks in when your foot is not on the brake pedal at all owing to some distraction. As evident, you can prevent both these situations from happening. Keep all distractions away while driving. Do not speed up your vehicle beyond the permissible limit in Greenville city. Maintain your car, stick to the repair schedules, and you will hardly need dynamic or crash imminent braking.

They do not come cheap

Experts say that you really cannot put a price on safety. But that price matters when the tech is unnecessary.At the Family Auto buy here pay here dealership, we work to make used cars affordable. We guide you to pick cars that are right for you. If you majorly intend to drive within Greenville, the extra dollars you pay for AEB will only mount your interest payments. Instead, go for older cars that have functioning ABS and drive cautiously and save that money. AEB for city dwellers is a luxury that they can afford to live without.

You do not need it in Greenville

Unless you want to be extra safe. On the highways as well, you will need ABS more than AEB and you can go for a vehicle without automatic emergency braking if you frequently travel to other cities. Hence, think beyond AEB and invest in quality used cars at Family Auto of Greenville. You will want its major parts to be in top shape. Then, one electronic piece of equipment will not hurt you.Budget with Family Auto and get the feature you need rather than what people say you should have.


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