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Why No Credit Check Dealerships Check Credit Reports?

The term no credit check dealerships raise confusion among many. When the dealers ask for credit reports, being perplexed is a common reaction. If the promise was not to pay any heed to your credit score or report, then why does a buy here pay here no credit check dealership in Greenville make such a request? Well, the promise is not altered but the system of auto financing runs deep. Even when dealers like Family Auto do not care about your credit score, they will have to look into your report.

The need for your credit report

This is how the credit system typically works. A lender uses your credit score as a metric to understand your risk of default. A score above 700 tells them that you have paid your monthly credit payments on time to date and you are likely to continue the same trend. As your score diminishes, the likelihood of meeting your commitment reduces and the lenders feel that you are more likely to default given your history.

And this history is available in detail in your credit report. Did you falter with a payment? Did you go bankrupt recently? Do you already own several credits? Or is your income enough to cover another credit? Such factors come together to ultimately decide the loan amount you can apply for. These also determine the speed of your approval, the period for which you can take the loan, and naturally, the interest rate.

Dealerships with buy here pay here in Greenville, SC, who promise no credit check merely takes out the first step. They do not emphasize on your credit score to determine your eligibility. But they still have to look into your report to evaluate your income-to-debt ratio and determine the approved loan amount. This is why no credit check dealers ask for the credit report. They are typically lenders who do not lay importance on the credit score.

The collateral varies as well

There are also other lenders apart from BHPH dealerships who do not look at credit scores to give you a loan. But they need collateral to confirm your payment in case of a default. A co-signer is a typical example where someone else with a good score carries your risk. However, to buy used cars in Greenville from no credit check dealers, you do not need to take such an alternative route. Your income becomes your collateral. They also look into your report to evaluate the stability of your paycheck and use that as their assurance that you are unlikely to default.

As evident, the reasons to bring your report are valid. Next time, carry the required documents to your selected buy here pay here no credit check dealership in Greenville, fully knowing that your credit score will not play any role in your financing application.


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