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Buying Less Popular Used Cars in Greenville can Save You Money

Among other unfortunate things, the coronavirus pandemic has started a chain of events that has ultimately caused used car prices to rise. In 2019, the average price of used cars stood at around $20,000. Following the pandemic, the average figure touched nearly $25,400 in the second quarter of 2021. That is not good news to many shoppers as we have always considered used cars as the affordable category. And the price is currently showing no signs of coming down because the underlying reasons are still affecting the market.

But this does not mean that there is no hope for you if you wish to buy a used car now. You do not have to go through the hassles of considering used cars for sale by owner in Greenville, SC. You can still buy from dealerships and you can still find affordable models. The trick is to pick a dealer with a massive inventory and look at used cars that people do not generally want to buy.

The relationship between popularity and used car price

In typical used car dealerships in Greenville, you will find vehicles of all makes and models. And some brands are popular among customers because of their history of high reliability and performance. So, a large number of customers want to buy the popular models and if the dealerships can replace those cars in their lots at an equal rate to which they are selling, the prices remain stable.

But, following the pandemic, we are going through a phase of chip shortage. Car manufacturers are not being able to keep up with the demand because chips are arriving in time. New car dealers are thus running out of the popular models, people are holding on to their current cars longer, and used car dealerships in Greenville are ultimately seeing a dried-up supply of these vehicles. Lack of availability is shooting up the price of a few models. And this high price is taking the average rate to new highs along with it as well.

Less popular used cars are still affordable

When it comes to affordable used cars for sale in Greenville, SC, you will need to start your search from two angles. First, pickups and SUVs are more popular used car segments than hatchbacks and sedans. If you can really do without a massive car now, go for small vehicles that will get the job done. Second, if you need a pickup or an SUV, look at underappreciated less popular models within those segments to save a few extra bucks.

For example, in the pickup segment, the used Ford F150 is the best-seller for obvious reasons. You can instead look at alternatives to the F150 that pack similar features but cost less due to lack of popularity. Even the brand you pick matters as automakers like Toyota and Honda are more popular than the others in the hatchback and sedan segments while Ford and GM rule the pickup and SUV sections.

Appreciated the underappreciated

This is how you can manage to buy an affordable used car even when market prices are at their peak. Almost all carmakers are trying to improve their game in the auto market now and you will not miss much if you buy a less popular model. Visit a dealership like Family Auto. Its large inventory opens up multiple choices for you and you can pick the best.

Family Auto has a reputation in Greenville that only a few can match. Any make or model you want, we will get it for you in a matter of days. Plus, our customer-friendly financing options help your budget as well and you stand to win with us no matter which way the market decides to move.


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