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What’s the Right Budget to Buy a Used Car in Greenville?

There has been a lot of talk around rising used car prices recently and many enthusiastic buyers are backing out thinking that even used vehicles have blown out of their budget. Surveys are repeatedly showing that car owners are holding on to their old vehicles because of the high prices. At a time when credit is easy, people are finding it difficult to find a reasonably priced used vehicle. Whatever budget tips we followed just a couple of years back seem to have evaporated and we need to rethink our finances while thinking about buying used cars.

The reality, however, is not out of hand to this extent. You can still find used cars in Greenville under $10,000 if you know where to look. Yes, your budgeting tactics have to change but none of it means that you cannot buy a used car in Greenville. In this post, we talk about the right used car budget. We aim to give you a rough estimate. This should get you started from where you can build and finalize your own budget.

The current market scenario

The current average prices of used cars are not entirely promising. Recently, average used car prices in America touched record highs of $25,000. But you need to remember that this upward trend had been triggered by the coronavirus pandemic followed by a semiconductor shortage and such situations do not last long. Expect used car prices to come down soon. And even if they do not, remember that the price is just an average figure. It means that used cars are still available below that range and you can go for them if budget is an issue for you.

What’s a realistic budget?

If you wish to buy a used car now, you should set $22,000 as your budget. And for light-duty used pickup trucks for sale in Greenville, SC, your budget should be somewhere around $17,000. At such prices, you will get the popular makes and models like Toyota and Honda and the odometer readings are likely to be low. But you can always look at high-mileage alternatives to bring that figure down and buy great cars at cheaper rates.

Include your old vehicle’s resale value

High average used car prices also mean that your old car’s resale value is also currently inflated. And you can benefit from this to increase your budget to get the used car your want. The best used car dealerships in Greenville, SC, like Family Auto, have unmatched trade-in deals. You get competitive rates at near-market values and use the amount to pay a high down to inflate your overall budget. To come to a final figure, include the estimated trade-in value. That is the right budget for you to buy a used car in Greenville.

Stick to dealerships with a large inventory

Dealerships with a large inventory are somewhat immune to market fluctuations. At Family Auto of Greenville, a new used car comes in almost every day and the range varies on grounds of the year of manufacturer, make, model, trim, and features available. Naturally, you get used cars at all price brackets in Family Auto and the high average prices do not matter. You even get impeccable used car options by paying $500 as down.

In all, think more about the dealership you visit than your perfect budget. No matter what you can afford, the best dealer is bound to have a quality used car for you.


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